WALAWE General Information

Only 4 hour drive from Colombo (Capital of sri lanka)"Walawe" Basin

The WALAWE is located at 180 Km south east of Colombo, Sri Lanka or 4 hour drive from colomboMordern irrigation infastructureMordern irrigation infastructure has been developded with the assistance of international aid agencies. Each and every farmland has a farm inlet connected to irrigation canelPlanty of water irrigrationWater for irrigration is secured throughout the year by Udawalawa & Samanalawewa resevoiers built across the “Walawe Ganga”

Total irrigration area of 23,00haTotal irrigation erea of 23,000ha at full development stage. Currently 17,500ha is under irrigation, of which 9,100 ha for OFC and 8400 ha for paddy.Abundant manpowerOver 18,200 farmers ar already setteld in the area. In addition, some 20,000non farmers are also setteld, young generation are seeking new job opportunities.Moderate climate throghout the yearAverage monthly temperature is 28° rainfall is 1200mm.

Banana PlantationRich SoilsRedish Brown Earyh (RBE) and LowHumic Grey (LHG) are major soils. RBE is good for OFC and LHG is good for paddy in genarel.Major Farm ProductsBanana 121,00 Ton/Year , Papaya 12,700 Ton/Year, and paddy 95,008 Ton/Year.Gateway to wildlifeThe Walawe is gateway to world famous national parks “UDAWALAWE”, LUNUGAMWEHERA,” BUNDALA”,”YALA”.